Bathroom Graffiti

The Giant List of Toilet Graffiti

Compiled by Mark Walsh ( with a little help from his 


From: (Robert Bonomi)

From the Computer Center:

        Free the PDP-11     (*very* old!)

        Free the CDD-6600   (*almost* as old, a much -bigger- type of computer)



You probably already have this one, but just in case you don't....

If you sprinkle

When you tinkle

Please be neat

And wipe the seat.

From a ladies room somewhere in Pennsylvania......


From: Tom Cowan []

Well here are just a few grout writing examples off the top of my head. Hope 

there are a few new ones for you...

The Grout Divide

Down and Grout

Grout of sight, Grout of mind

Groutul Dead

Saur Grout

Grout Expectations

Grout Googly Moogly

The Grout Groutdoors

Sometimes a Grout Notion

Grout Expectations

Three Strikes Your Grout


From: SCOTT []

"Ambiguity is the Devil's Tether-ball"

        - The Crown and Anchor Pub, Austin TX (1990-1992)


From: Christ van Willegen []

I sit here and contemplate

Should I shit or masturbate

Found in a toilet in my old school, somewhere in The Netherlands, in the

city of Venlo


From: (Huw Morris)

God knows why you're doing this, but...

"I feel so strongly about toilet graffiti, I signed a partition." :-)


From: (David P. Hayes)

U of Vt. library men's room:

        It is holy and devout to write graffiti in the grout.


From: (Keith Thompson @pulsar)

Where: Men's restroom, Hamburguesa restaurant, Old Town, San Diego, CA

       (The restaurant has since changed its name; I don't remember the

       current name).

When:  A couple of years ago, maybe??

What:  The paper towel dispenser had the usual "Wash your Hands" / "Lavese

       las Manos" sign on it.  Below "Lavese las Manos", someone had

       written "... and his big-band sound".



My favorite little anecdote, which I saw written on the toilet stall wall in

the Engineering Building on the campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland

located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, is as follows:

"I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER!"           - to which someone else wrote:



From: (Bill Evans)

"Richard Nixon should pull out before it's too late, just

like his father should've."

Humanities Hall, second floor, men's room, U.C. Irvine,

early to middle 1970's.


From: (Richard Rumley)

Seen in the school restroom in a small town in Montana:

'If you can pee above this line, the West Yellowstone Fire Department

wants you!'


From: (Don Marti)

Here I sit

In Noxious Vapor

Someone has used all the paper

I'm late for class

I cannot linger

Look out ass

Here comes my finger.

       Ballantine Hall, IU-Bloomington



1) In front of urinal at Baked in Telluride (CO): "Dont look now but 

                 you've got your best friend by the neck"

     2) Nt sure of location: " If black is beuatiful, I just shit a 


     3) Also not sure of location, although I thinj it was in Telluride as

        well: " Here I sit broken hearted, tried to shit, but only farted"


From: Joseph Crowe []

From the restroom of Maggie Mae's, 6th St., Austin TX.

   Why can't we just all get a bong...

From the restroom of some nameless crawfish restaurant in the middle

of nowhere off of I-10 in southern Louisiana:

   Nixon did for America what pantyhose did for finger fucking....


From: Stephen Brooks []

I'm sorry I don't have something more enlightening to offer, especially 

from a graduate library bathroom, but here's what was in my stall in my 

most recent visit:

Tell us how long your dick is.



I can't find it.

Break with the status quo!  Form a workers' CPUSA party!

These are from the first floor public men's bathroom in Davis Library, 

UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC.


From: Philippe Benichou []

Imagine you are reading this as you are trying to take a dump...

Eat shit!  1.9 trillion flies (estimated population of flies) can't be ALL wrong.


From: Roger Myhre []

This toilettpaper is like Clint Eastwood, though and hard,

and takes no shit.


From: "Gerhardt, Lynne" []

My personal favorite:

"My mother made me a whore"

and someone had added:

"If I give her the yarn, will she make me one too?"


From: (Kumar Asar x552)

Location: University of Austin, Texas.   Taylor building (I think - it was a

          long time back).  Computing Center.

Graffiti:  Next to the toilet paper:  "UT degree - please take one"


From: Vijayanivas Ramachandran Raghu []


        Here is one from INDIA. 

Found in mens room Eros Cinema in Bombay

" Neighbor's envy, Owner's Pride"

        This is originally from a TV commercial. 


From: (MR V SONNE)

All are sort of traditional in mens rest rooms in the UK.

1)"Life's like a pubic hair on toilet bowl - you soon get pissed off"

2)Written above head height in the urinals:

  "If you can piss this far you should join the fire brigade"

3)If mens brains were as big as their balls

  there would be a lot less writing on toilet walls.

4) Also written on the urinals:

  "Remember - more than three shakes is a wank"

5)One more from the urinals:

  "No matter how much you shake your peg

   The last drop always runs down your leg"


From: (William Smithers)

  "Don't throw cigarette butts in the urinal, as it makes them 

soggy and hard to light."


From: (Jim Richard)

Marx didn't know that Bismarck would invent unemployment insurance.

        -Dwinelle Hall, U.C. Berkeley

When I die I want to go peacefully, in my sleep, like grandfather.

Not screaming, like the passengers in his car.


In Golden Gate Park:

        Arrest Nixon for the assassination of JFK!  Listen to the tapes!

Shortly after Nixon died, someone wrote underneath this:



From: John Griffin []

Seen (not by me) in the women's room at the Inside Passage tavern in

Seattle, around 1972:



From: Klaas []

I remember a line on a toilet in an inn on Texel (a famous(?) Dutch island)

which was written just under the ceiling under a line and it said: Who ever

can piss above this line is requested to the local fire department.

Well, actually it was written in Dutch, but the translation will be better

understandable for you. If you'r interested, the original line is: Wie

boven deze lijn kan pissen, wordt verzocht zich te melden bij de

plaatselijke brandweer.

And on my high school in my home town, Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, there

was a line in English:

Some come here to sit and think, others come to shit and stink, I've come

here to scratch my balls and write some bullshit on the walls.

And another one, I don't remember where it was, but it was written very low

on the left wall and said something like: If you read this, you're pissing

on your right shoe.

Since a couple of months the light in the toilets of our university

(Department of Biology, Free University Amsterdam, the Netherlands) go out

automatically and unfortunately this will happen if you are sitting down

for over three minutes. So, somebody wrote on the door (in Dutch): Do you

also think the light is going out too soon?

And somebody else wrote under that: No, you have to learn to let go.

In Dutch this is: Vind je ook dat het licht zo snel uitgaat?

Nee, je moet leren loslaten.


From: "jonathan (j.) harrod" []

"Jesus saves souls,

and turns them in for fabulous cash prizes!"

Crown & Anchor, Austin, Tx.

"Kirk Out"

Written above a urinal, Gingerman, Austin, Tx.

"668, the neighbor of the beast"

Crown & Anchor, Austin, Tx.

"Save the whales - collect the whole set"

Crown & Anchor, Austin, Tx.

Here's one that had a lot of additions to it, which I'll try to represent

with little arrows.  I hope it comes across clear enough.  It's a good

example of people reading things differently (mind you, the original graffiti

was somewhat sloppy, allowing for the subsequent "discussion").  Oh yeah,

it starts with "A guy goes...". 

                              Is that an "i" or an "o"? ___


    ___Is that a "u" or an "a"?   [--I can't believe how blind you are


A guy goes to lunch with his mother

what he means to say is "pass the butter"

but what comes out is "you f?&*ed up my life you bitch"

It all comes from the Crown & Anchor in Austin, Tx.  I hope you can follow

it.  It's pretty funny when you're there (and drunk).



Two of my favorites.

In the computer centers mens bathroom:

"For a Good Time - Email mac100s@oduvm"


"The MAIN thing is to keep the MAIN thing the Main thing.


From: ST4I1@Jetson.UH.EDU

This probably isn't what you're looking for (ther isn't much to analyze ling-

uistically), but my personal favorite in this genre is from Kurt Vonnegut's

_God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater_:

        People who write on bathroom walls

        Roll their shit into little balls.

        Those who read their words of wit,

        eat those little balls of shit.


From: Steve Kelem []

Seen in the mens' room in a women's dorm at USC:

"Just think of the miles of Fallopian tubes that surround you that you won't

be able to get near."



the ultimate is: "stamp out graffiti"


From: pbretz@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU (Peter A. Bretz)

From the men's room of The Hole In The Wall, Austin, TX, 1993:

Milk the cow

Feed the hen

My life is yours 

You kill



I go (went) to Georgetown University, and in the Men's bathroom of 

Lauinger Library there are a whole bunch of GROUT sayings.:

the grout gatsby, grout expectations, grout balls of fire, all creatures 

grout and small, grout fishing in America, grout dane, grout scott

alexander the grout

in the Intercultural Center on the first floor, on the floor between two 

stalls, it reads:

        "tap foot. if other person taps back, kneel under for j.o. or


In New South (a dorm) in a bathroom stall it reads: "I'm so handsome"

    also in New South : "Poke Smot" accompanied by a smiley face--


From: (Ben Barrett)

"What [the fuck] are you looking up here for;

the joke's in your hand."

-written 6 to 6 1/2 feet up a wall above a urinal.


From: (John Ross)

        Here is a contribution from the men's restroom on the third

floor of McGill Hall on the UCSD campus.  

                "Picard & Riker, '69"

                "Don't give in to authority!"

                "We have a women's resource center on campus,

                 but no men's resource center.  Why is this?"


                All of the above were written on the toilet paper

                dispenser in a period of about four weeks.

                "Reagan was cool"  

                "Democrats suck"

                "10,000 Maniacs"

                "The Wedding Present"


                All of the above are grout collections, written on

                grout of one of the walls in a stall.  These are the

                only ones that I remember offhand.  I know there are

                a few other band/group references, but they slip my

                mind at this time.



I don't know if this is the kind of thing you want or not, but I found it quite

amusing when I first saw it on a men's room wall in a chinese restaurant in

Soho, London.



From: (Mark Papianni)

   I have an entire book on bathroom graffiti entitled

   "Graffiti From the Head"

    Probably out of print but you may want to check your bookstore.


From: (John Knight)

This one followed the TILE theme:

It's from the Electronic Engineering building at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 

above a urinal.  It went something like this, each word was from a different 




From: karmstro@skidmore.EDU (kimberly armstrong)

Your post reminded me of a great piece of graffiti that I saw in our

school's library - it was written on a wall, so it probably doesn't

count, but I thought I'd give you a buzz anyway.

It read:  "Democrats are all liberal hippie freaks"


From: (Cliff Cousins)

I used to work for TRW in Redondo Beach. One day I saw the largest collection of "grout 

sayings" ever ... The interesting thing to me was that the grout wasn't very wide ... more like a 

line. So the grout sayings all included some reference to "lines" These were written both in the 

vertical and horizontal spaces. A few I remember are:

Reply line ...

Hold the line ...

don't feed me a line ...

bus line ...

What's my line ???

End of the line ...




The last graffitti

i saw went something like this.

"Someone must stop Michael Jackson from molesting our children!"

To which some added   "You should stop letting your children hang out with

a man who has made a living being a freaky weirdo." 

If you dont like that one, I also saw another two parter.  It said

          " JESUS SAVES "    and underneath someone wrote in pencil

   "Gretsky rebounds...wrap-around..He shoots, he scores." 



Not ambigiuous, but a personal favorite. In my high school bathroom, above

one of the urinals (caps locks = different person writing), it says:






                    but im not holding your d**k







From: Eugene Ehrbar []

 My current

favorite bathroom graffiti (besides the obligatory wallborn personal ads

penned by gays) is a recent exchange posted on the wall of the first floor

men's room in Perkins Library. The "bait" reads "Fight for the rights of

the pansexual." After the usual bible-beater remarks about how

homosexuality is a sin, and all pansexuals will therefore burn in hell,

there was a string of humorous responses. The first was "Does that mean

you fuck a little guy with hooves and a flute?" they followed:

"or does he fuck you?"

"and what role, if any, is played by the flute?"

"It plays an octave, albeit minor, role." you can do what you like with that.

Another constant source of bathroom prose is the men's stall in the Duke

Coffehouse, my place of employment. (In terms of more grand-scale mural

decoration, the warehouse-like interior of the Coffeehouse was recenly

team-graffitied by a gang of certifiable nocturnal freaks. The ensuing art

was quite inspired :) but I digress...) The bathroom first began to show

signs of habitation (I like to think of it like cave paintings...) my

freshman year. Tags may have dated before my arrival, but the stall had

apparently been recently painted over upon my arrival. One sequence

started with:




Someone else continued:









At this point it became ridiculous.

Another scrawler had written: 

"Don't try to decribe the ocean if you've never seen it." (a Jimmy Buffett

quote) to which someone else replied "It's no larger than the space

between your ears". This was followed by "You too, my friend; you're so

deep you're drowning". 

In the third floor bathroom of the Student Center, one squatter scrawled:

"Insanity is to art what garlic is to salad."

to which someone replied:

"Waiter, there's too much garlic in my salad."



My favorite shitter at my old high school was the official racism/hate forum.

 I'll try to reconstruct what most of the messages read:

"White Power

{white power symbol}

Take the power back"

"Get back behind the woodpile, boy"

"White boys can suck black and mexican dick!"

Addressing all of these sordid racist offerings, I left my own message, a

paraphrase from Bill Burroughs:

"I am not paid to read this drivel.  You are all terminal fools."

There were also a few drug-related scrawlings, which consisted of a large

mandala which said in large letters 'Smoke Pot,' and the following two


"50% of the students here smoke marijuana"

and in response to this was written (with an arrow):

"That's why PSHS is only ranked {some number} in the nation"

(PSHS=Plano Senior High School)



My all time favority grafiti was on the latrine wall in a Boy Scout camp

in northern NJ in 1959:

We who write on shithouse walls,

roll our shit in little balls.

You who read our words of wit,

Gobble up these balls of shit.


From: "Josh Piven[Shopper]" [72241.2312@CompuServe.COM]

Under a sign that said "Employees Must Wash Hands," someone scribbled "I waited

and waited, but I finally washed them myself."  Not that great, but okay.

This one, however, is classic:

Someone had written "I fucked your mother."  Underneath, someone had scribbled

"Go home Dad, you're drunk."



I saw this in Chester Street, a gay bar in Champaign, IL. 

In the men's bathroom, inside of a stall, it said "Joe eats pussy".


From: (Michael Stewart

UT Campus Austin, TX -

urine the bathroom.

urine trouble.

Look what a mess urine.


From: (James A. Gardner)

Seen in a local bar, recently:


        "For a good time, call ###-#### and

         ask for Mary. For a BAD time, tell

         Mary where you got this number."


From: Oregon Episcopal School [oespeter@CLASS.ORG]

how bout this little ditty discovered in a public toilet in London?

As you sit to take a shit

Rest a while and think a bit,

The last time that I beat my meat,

Was on this very toilet seat.





From: (Bart O McCoy)

        Restroom grafitti:

        (male only- written above urinal)

        "Stand close.  It's shorter than you think."


From: (Rachel Goodman)

A guy told me about this piece of graffiti he saw in a bathroom. He was sitting

down doing this business, and he saw some very small writing on the bottom of 

the door. So he bent over to read it. It read " If you can read this, you're 

shitting at a 45 degree angle!!


From: (James)

old graffiti in NYC at a bookstore down about 3rd street (BTW a really

great bookstore) the graffito was in the restroom

"In '72 vote for Kennedy and Eagleton

  the waterproof, shockproof ticket"


From: Lois Bartolone []

Well, I had trouble thinking of good graffiti, but this is decent, I guess:

Someone (I did find out the perpetrator later) scrawled on a bathroom stall

"Primis suckz" (sic).  I found out that he really doesn't like Primus.  He

didn't realize that "Primus sucks" is a compliment to Primus in its little know, some type of private joke with Primus.  You say "Primus

sucks" but you mean "Primus is cool".  Whatever....I've rambled on enough. 

Hope it helped.


From: (Kevin C. Clements)

As a boy, my Dad used to fish off the end of a pier in the San

Fransisco Bay.  There was an old-style outhouse (no longer there) on

the pier, put there by the owner.  Apparently the owner got tired of

people making a mess of his outhouse, so he wrote the following on the

wall inside:

If you shit

upon the floor,

I will lock

the shithouse door.

      -- Owner

A person who apparently had frequent need to visit the outhouse

responded below the owner's message with:

If the shithouse

door you lock,

I'll throw your shithouse

off the dock.


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