Surefire Signs That Star Trek is

Taking Over Your Life

 1. Saying "make it so" in casual conversation
 2. Indignation because the periodic table doesn't include dilithium and 
 3. Able to use "variable phase inverter" in a sentence without excessive 
    thought first
 4. More than one pair of Spock ears on junk drawer
 5. Have figured out the stardate system
 6. Sudden urge to wear lots of Lycra
 7. Scanning shelves at local liquor store for synthehol
 8. The Star Trek theme becomes background music for your dreams
 9. Major quote sources for thesis are Shakespeare, the Bible, and "The Omega 
 10. Memorization of the crew's authorization codes
 11. Forgetting that present-day elevators don't have voice interface
 12. Attending a convention wearing non-Terran vestments
 13. Actual serious thoughts about buying that $300 model of the Enterprise 
     from the Franklin Mint
 14. Understanding Klingon
 15. Lecturing any science professor on how transporters work
 16. Playing fizzbin and understanding it
 17. "The Outrageous Okona" seems like a fine piece of writing and dramatic 
 18. Paying rapt attention during those endless special effects sequences in 
 19. Inexplicable rock-climbing urges
 20. More than three original episode outlines buried in your drawers