The Jokeyard



        Real Answering machine messages.
        Bathroom Graffiti COOL
        Book Titles we'd like to see COOL
        How to be Annoying
        Brian Damage scale
        Ideologies explained in terms of cows COOL
        So why did the chicken cross the road? No Really!
        Real court answers 
        Ways to kill Barney COOL
        Jack Handleys DEEP THOUGHTS COOL
        I get no respect!  COOL
        Hitlers errors!
        Hotel Signs
        Mommy Mommy...
        Bumper Stickers! COOL
        Murphys Laws
        License Plates we'd like to see 
        Lies told everyday
        LightBulb Jokes
        Lonny Lawz (COOL) 
        O/S Humor (Nerd Alert!)
        English is a funny language! OXYMORONS
        More Religion Jokes
        Old X Never die, They just Y away (COOL)
        Seven Cource Dinners 
        Shakespeare Insults (COOL)
        Shit List
        Short Books 
        .SIG Files (COOL)
        Useless Inventions (COOL)